A Day In The Life

     Last weekend, I decided to keep my camera on me and document our day.  I wanted to play with some expired Tri-X 400 from the 70s, so wasn't expecting much from the results.  It didn't help that while developing the film in the darkroom/bathroom, I realized that I could see far too well even though I had blocked the bottom of the door.  Turns out, the laundry room light had been left on and was coming through the connecting vent.  Thus, the film was exposed as can be seen in the images, and I lost about half of the roll.  I also didn't use my usual development method since I was in a hurry; I typically use a 1:31 solution and double the development time, but since I was pressed for time I had to do 1:15 and 5 minutes in accordance with the massive deviation chart for my film, and I did not like the amount of grain that resulted.  Oh well, next time.

    It was a Sunday when I decided to lug my camera around all day (it's actually tiny, so it's not a burden at all).  I made my favorite breakfast, Monkey Bread, and we ate out on our new deck before heading out to church.  While we are atheists, I insist that we be members of a Unitarian Universalist congregation so that the girls can get a religious education.  It is my firm belief that one can only truly accept and love another person of a different background if you understand them.  After church, we went to brunch where the girls behaved very poorly and therefore lost out on eating at the cupcake store next door, much to their chagrin.  We then visited their school garden, came home to play in the backyard and take pictures of each other, and then sacked out. It was a fairly typical weekend for us, full of relaxation and family time.