Air Show Fun

     We found ourselves, sans hearing protection, at an air show this past weekend.  I popped in some new-to-me Lomo F2 in my Leica and expired TMAX 400 in my Mamiya.  As usual, I had a number of people come up to me to admire/inquire about my gear...I do look like a youngish person toting around relics, I suppose.  I happily explained that film most certainly is not dead and that yes, there are in fact a number of local places that you can still turn in a roll of good old Kodak.  I developed and scanned the TMAX over the weekend (and discovered a light leak in the process), and then picked up the Lomo today from my local lab.  I was generally happy with the results overall.

     I absolutely love the way the blues were rendered on the Lomo film.  It had a slightly magenta cast in most lighting situations, but I do prefer magenta over green.  The sun was brutal and directly overhead so that did no favors for the images, but I still like the vast majority of the images I captured.  I have one more roll of Lomo and I think I'll save it either for golden hour, overcast conditions, or some indoor shots.

     I completely forgot to post a link to a featured artist interview I had last year with the founder of The Film Shooters Collective.  It addresses how I got into photography initially, my journey back to film, and what I look for when I'm out shooting.   So without further ado, here it is: