November Adventures

     In the first half of November, my husband got thrown on a tail swap (plane exchange) to the Middle East.  I had planned on taking the opportunity to go visit my brother up in Iowa and an old friend in Chicago.  However, my husband was just sure that he would be back on time and didn't feel too certain about me going to Chicago without him, so I scrapped that plan to give him peace of mind.  Lo and behold, the day of his supposed return came and went and he was stranded in Crete for a week.  After hearing his plans of taking a sailing tour around the island and sending me pictures of his adventures up to an old monastery, I packed up the girls and met my mom in St. Louis.  While it may not have been as picturesque of a visit as a free vacation in the Mediterranean, we still had lots of fun exploring a new city.

     What was supposed to be a 4 day mission turned into a 14 day one (same as the last tail swap he found himself on).  My husband finally got home at 2 AM the morning we were to hit the road to make the grandparent circuit for Thanksgiving.  We first visited his parents in Tennessee, then made our way down to Florida to see my family, then meandered over to New Orleans to traipse around there for a day before heading back home.  It was a rushed and very full few days, but still worth it to see everyone!  Oh, and all of these were shot on my brand spankin' new to me Leica M6 :-D