The Surprises of Expired Film

     Shooting film is always an exciting experience.  The anticipation of getting scans back is like waiting for Christmas morning, but when you know that you shot a roll on film that expired over 20 years, the anxiousness manifests itself tenfold in your psyche.  Something about knowing that I don't know how the film was stored all those years and therefore is incredibly unpredictable actually becomes an extremely freeing experiment.  I can shoot whatever I want and push the limits a bit more because 1. the film was free for me and 2. there's no pressure/sense of failure if it comes back a catastrophe...I can just blame the results on the previous owner not storing it correctly ;-)  In this case, however, I got a couple of my favorite shots ever.  Here's my first favorite:

The film got quite fogged here, but it makes it look like she's tip toeing through her dreams.  I may or may not have literally gasped when this one came up...

Here's another favorite, strictly because it's a bit spooky and was appropriately taken on Halloween.

And here are a few more that just make me happy to look at!