Just Keep Playing

     After years (yes, years) of our kids begging to go to this particular theme park right off of I-35 in Oklahoma City, we finally acquiesced since they were tall enough to ride most of the attractions.  Their wait/patience was rewarded with a day at Frontier City filled with fun and excitement!  I just brought the Olympus and fired off several shots when the occasion called for it, not trying to get too fancy or anything, although I did experiment with purposeful light leaks for the first time.

I tried to warn them off of the spinning teacups...

I tried to warn them off of the spinning teacups...

The start of the light leak.

The start of the light leak.

I also threw a roll of expired Kodak Vericolor in my Holga to see what I'd get.  Most of the frames didn't come out (too underexposed) and the film was obviously loose on the spool.  I got a couple of fun frames out of it though where I played with double exposures and flipping the camera upside down.


I was also out in our front yard one late afternoon before sunset and was practically drooling over the light.  I decided to experiment with some Portra 400 in my Mamiya645.  I typically rate Portra at 800 and push it a stop in post, but I decided to rate it at 200 this time just to see how I like the results.  LOVE IT.  It came out so soft and airy and I can definitely see some instances where I would want to shoot for this style.

Look at that rim light!  ::drool::

Look at that rim light!  ::drool::


And here are a few randoms thrown in for good measure...


So that's it for now!  I'm currently down in Florida and have been shooting a TON...probably far more than necessary, but I'm really excited to see the results.  I've gotten some really cool Polaroids, attempted another roll of slide film (Ektachrome this time), burned through a roll of Kodak Gold that I plan on "souping," and plenty of general vacation stuff.  Can't wait to get those scans back in a couple of weeks!