Learning Curves

     I've slowed down shooting a bit since returning from Costa Rica, but have shot a couple of rolls on my new Mamiya 645 1000s.  My first roll was almost a total loss...I didn't realize that the waist level finder had a magnifier, so most of my shots came out blurry.  After a bit of research and consultation though, I found the magnifier and my "keeper rate" raised dramatically (well, as much as it can for a roll with only 15 frames available).  Here's a sampling from those test rolls:

     I did give the girls a disposable camera, so that was fun to see what they came up with!  Here are some of those images...

     And I also received a Polaroid SX-70 that is both a treat and a trick to use.  This camera only comes out for very selective shots.

     My goals for the month of May are to self-develop the roll of HP5 that's currently in my Leica and put 2 more rolls of medium format through my Mamiya system.  Wish me luck, especially with the development process!