My Evolving Style

     Photography is an interesting and exciting journey filled with both beauty and frustration.  It takes a photographer years to master the craft, develop her style (both in shooting and editing), and claim pride in her work.  We're drawn this way and that, comparing ourselves to other photographers, judging our value by the amount of attention our images receive, and striving for perfection under the parameters constructed by some all-knowing photography rule book.  It's no wonder that we can fall into the trap of questioning our abilities and even our reason for pursuing our passion.

     I've spent the first part of this year battling self-doubt and insecurity, and I've finally realized that I just have to say "screw it."  I'm shooting for me.  I'm shooting for my family.  I'm working to preserve our memories of this short, precious life we lead.  And you know what?  It's not perfect. It's not even pretty a lot of the time.  But it perfectly represents us, and that's what matters.