Going Outside of My Comfort Zone

     I wasn't able to post the picture from yesterday because the website wouldn't load, so playing a little catch-up here.  This first picture is of my girls eating breakfast at their favorite dining spot in the house: the step down into the living room.  Tables are overrated anyways, right?  And perhaps you're asking what that 2x4 block contraption is on the pillar...that would be a "workout necessity" for my husband to do pull ups and back muscles something or other.  There are a total of four of these lovely aesthetic blocks that he put up while I was at Click Away.  Awesome, right?  Shot at f/2, 1/200, ISO 250

     This was the shot that I took today.  Every year, one of our neighbors has a burn in the creek on the back of our property and we also throw some of our branches on the fire as well.  It takes all day and is really hot and I end up quite sore and exhausted by the time the sun is going down.  Watching the light streaming through the smoke makes it all worth it though.  Shot at f/8, 1/250, ISO 800

     So what do these pictures have to do with going outside of my comfort zone?  Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I seem most comfortable right in my subject's face (although they may not feel the same way).  With both of these images, I had taken quite a few steps back which makes me extremely uncomfortable.  Remarkably, both girls are looking at me in the first which pretty much NEVER happens and I wasn't even sure what to do or say.  In the second image, my kids aren't in it.  I'm pretty lost when I see a scene that I want to capture without my kids...what's the focus of the frame?  Oh well, I still like it, if even for nostalgia's sake.