About Me


     I am the proud mother of two spirited little girls who are both my muses and my maniacs.  They bring me sunshine and storms, so they are a constant source of inspiration.  My husband is my best friend and sounding board who unwaveringly weathers my highs and lows.  Thanks to him, I am able to pursue my passion in photography and for that, I'm forever grateful.

     I wake up before the sun every morning to enjoy a few precious moments of stillness, a cup of hot tea, and the soft sounds of the world awakening.  I chide myself every evening for not being present enough, for not accomplishing enough, for not being enough.  I love candles, books, tea, and socks.  I can't whistle or handle spicy foods, and I don't exercise or clean the house enough.  I crave simplicity and I thrive on creating.  My greatest goal in life is to teach our girls how to live a life full of love, compassion, and happiness.

     I value authenticity and altruism, exploration of both the soul and the world, and a never ending pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.  I find that photography provides me the precious opportunity to fulfill all of those things, so you'll rarely see me without a camera or book in my hand.  There are so many lessons to learn if we just keep our eyes, heart, and mind open.