About Me


     I am the proud mother of two spirited little girls who are both my muses and my maniacs.  They show me clarity through their chaos, and I strive to portray that in my photographic work.  My husband is my best friend and is always up for my random adventures and ideas.  Thanks to him, I am able to dive down the (rather expensive) rabbit hole of film photography and for that, I'm incredibly grateful.  

     I wake up before the sun every morning to enjoy a few precious moments of stillness, a cup of hot tea, and the soft sounds of the world awakening.  I chide myself every evening for not being present enough, for not accomplishing enough, for not being enough.  I love candles, books, tea, and socks.  I can't whistle and I'm terrified of open spaces, although my greatest fear is stagnation of the spirit and mind.  I crave simplicity and I thrive on creating.  I need to routinely immerse myself in nature to stay balanced, and I need the freedom to explore both my soul and the world, either through books, writing, photography, or travel.

     For those interested, I shoot only film on my old school Leica M6, Mamiya 645 1000s, or Olympus XA.  I favor Portra 400 for everyday color film, but also enjoy playing around with unique stocks and will occasionally splurge on Fuji 400H if the environment calls for it.  About 90% of my film is rated at 800 and pushed a stop in post-process; I like the punchier colors and higher contrast that results from this way of shooting.  I particularly love developing my own monochromatic films, my favorites being Tri-X 400 and Ilford HP5.  I hope to explore large format and wet plate collodian in the near future as well.